Guest Stars

George Glynn – Guitarist


I’ve known George since 2001, and he’s one of the smartest guys I know.  I was introduced to George when I started working at the VNA.  Through the years we had many IT related projects and meetings that forced us to cross paths multiple times.  Over time, I discovered George and I shared a few similar interests.  He told me he played guitar, I knew he was a computer guy and he was into Argentine tango.  What a mix of skills!

So here we are in 2016 and I asked George if his band would entertain playing for a benefit with our band. Unfortunately it wasn’t happening.  So I gave George our set list and 2 weeks later he shows up for rehearsal and will be playing with us during the Rock for Free Care benefit concert.

George will be playing with us, and playing lead work on multiple songs.  You know he is serious when he color coordinates his earplugs to match the trim of his sweater.


Jorge Morales – (arch nemesis) Bass, Guitar, Vocals.

This guy always come through in a pinch; guitar player, bass player, or vocalist, Jorge can always be counted on.  When we first started this band Jorge was always around, then real life and work got a hold of him.  Some of the more insecure band members consider Jorge as their arch-nemesis and deep down Jorge laughs at this.  You may be one of the lucky ones that has experienced Jorge’s tasty bass licks, if you haven’t your missing out..


Jorge is also in the ignite business and renewable energy, check out his website here.